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Me & My Jaguar – My M.S. Road Trip

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Bad/Sad News

Even though you lover your sister very much ,what is the one thing you would never want to share with her?

A prom dress?

A favorite leather jacket?

Your boyfriend?

Your CAR???

WRONG!! it would be M.S (Multiple Sclerosis)!!!!  So sad, heard today that my younger sister was diagnosed this thing, just as I was back in 2001.


We Will Drain Your Life Essence

We Will Drain Your Life Essence

From “The Dark Crystal” movie. Been feelin MAJOR worn out, having one of those M. S. episodes – this image popped into my head -Yep, that’s how I feel, lol.  I don’t even have to look into that purple light. But Hey….tomorrow is tomorrow and I look forward to seeing another tomorrow, and that right there makes it good…..I must get back my life essence!, he, he.

Multiple Sclerosis Monster




M.S. Awareness Month

M.S. Awareness Month

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