Me & My Jaguar – My M.S. Road Trip



Me & My Jaguar

It’s morning, I wake up and I’m driving a 1969 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 down the freeway at 90 MPH.  It’s a sunny day, the top is open, yet driving at this speed feels like a soft breeze.   The freeway is clear with the road newly paved. After driving fifty five miles the road blends into an older, well worn freeway.  Twenty miles further there’s a few cracks in the road, then down a smidgeon further, there are more cracks, breaks, and small gaps, until small potholes begin to develop.  I’m now driving at 50 mph the potholes increase in number and become larger. I slow to 45 mph and travel forty five miles further then come to a gravel road.

My nice convertible jaguar turns into a 1969 station wagon, I can feel and hear the crunching of the gravel at 40 mph. The gravel has increased in size, I decrease my speed to 35 mph.  Fifteen miles further I’m driving over a mixture of rocks, ranging from the size of squash balls to baseballs.  My 1969 station wagon turns into a 1950 (1930) Ford Truck, with two bald tires in the front.  I drive on at 20 mph, ten miles down the road some of the rocks become small boulders! Nevertheless, I creep inch by inch at 10 mph, to avoid the boulders and try to be careful not to blow out one of my bald tires. Then all of the sudden, out of nowhere – SWOOSH!! SMASH!! A Super Large Boulder plants itself right in my path and I’m forced to stop!

On my left is a stream that is overflowing and beginning to engulf my 1950 Ford Truck. On my right is and old dirt familiar looking road, I quickly proceed to my right at 25 mph. However, now my engine begins to overheat. There’s a little bend in the road just up ahead, I force the ol’ truck to get around the bend in hope for a relief. My prayers are answered, I find my beautiful home surrounded by my family and friends waiting for me.

Colette M. Carmona  ©


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