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Make the Room Stop Spinning

Make the Room Stop Spinning

I understand COMPLETELY!!!


Multiple Sclerosis

cure ms


Beautiful picture, trying to make something pretty out of something awful!!

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho

Ya know summer used to be my favorite time of the year when I was young. When I got married and my hubby showed me how to have fun in the winter. Skiing downhill mostly, but we also played in the snow with my daughter sliding down the hill tobogganing. We’d even just go by our house, go up the road and slide down it, the roads were quiet and safe back then. I learned to really enjoy cross country skiing(gliding) , I loved the rhythm, and then it was free for us. I think of this occasionally because I’m not able to do these things anymore, and I realize that I was lucky, even blessed to have been able to do them at all. I have a great many memories of playing with my family in the winter time, it brings happiness to my heart.

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I'm a medical secretary with writerly aspirations. I tell it like it is.

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