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Midnight Stranger

I was getting used to the deer walking through our driveway, sometimes I could hear their hoofs clicking on the cement as they crossed back onto the dirt. BUT last night I didn’t hear clicking I heard clumsy movement….that continued. We had a midnight stranger, a Very Large Black Bear in front of our house going through our garbage can (it was garbage night). Mixed with nervous excitement I ran from my bedroom and told the hubby. Both of us anxious and curious quietly, stepped outside onto our porch and watched this hungry bear just 20 ft from our front door.

I started to feel sorry for him, he didn’t look aggressive, but he needed to go, we’ve got a lot of kids in this neighborhood. Hubby started telling he needed to go, this Big Brown Bear stood up, looked at hubby saying he didn’t want to go. But my guy doesn’t stand down easy, even to a bear, the hubby gave out a LOUD Roar!! The Bear looked at him not sure for a moment, then went down on his front paws and slowly walked away. I’d never seen a bear that wasn’t behind bars. It was kinda cool!.

This is a picture I found of a Colorado Bear. I didn’t think to get my camera out last night to get a picture of our Midnight Stranger.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO



The other day just before lunch and right after pre-school, my tired, hungry and very inquisitive grandson, (who is 4 years old) decided to inquire about our bathroom showers and bathtubs. He blurts out, as 4 year olds do, “How many bathtubs do you have?” I say “We have one bathtub”.

“How many showers do you have?”

I tell him “We have two showers.”

“But how many bathtubs do you have?”

I say “We have one.”

“But then how many showers do you have?”

“We have two showers.”

“Wait, how many bathtubs do you have??”

I could have continued this way a little longer just for fun, instead I gently pull him towards me and tell him close up and friendly like, “Ya know I can have a shower without a bathtub.” He’s so tired he even lets me give him a few kisses, which normally he’d rub right off, (cuz he’s a boy ya know). Then he looks up, without a word goes directly to the bathroom to check out this stand alone shower. You see in his home, both of their bathrooms have the combinations shower/bathtub. When he came back you could see with his smile, the lights of understanding turn on. OK, I’m gonna have lunch, c’mmon mom. He gives me and papa a big hug and he’s gone.




I finished this poem about a month ago, thought it was a good time to share it.


The other day I saw some deer in our backyard, making themselves at home. They’re cool to see but our hunting days came back to my mind, My husband and I used to go hunting – a lot. This “popped” into my head to the tune of the song “POPCORN POPPING ON THE APRICOT TREE”  so if you can get that tune in your head the words below become kinda cute. +-


I looked out the window, and what did I see,

Three deer feeding off our little apple tree,

Nature brought us such a nice surprise,

Fresh meat standing right before our eyes.

We could take just one, it would be a treat,

A venison dinner that would be so sweet.

It really couldn’t be, however we did see,

Three deer feeding, off our little apple tree.


The other day I learned from the grandson, Trey how to close my kitchen drawer that sticks. He was watching me struggle with it, and said  “Eetoe”  (aka Grandma),   lift the drawer up while you  close it.” R I G H T, and now it works just fine. duh, lol

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