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I started watching this and thought “does this have to be so slow?” then woke up to the sweet  message lol,  🙂


First Pitch at Dodger Stadium July 5, 2016

Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles threw out the first pitch during Mormon night at Dodger Stadium on Friday, July 1, 2016.  Photo by Nathan Petty.


Elder Neil L. Andersen Throws Out First Pitch at Dodger Stadium

Midnight Stranger

I was getting used to the deer walking through our driveway, sometimes I could hear their hoofs clicking on the cement as they crossed back onto the dirt. BUT last night I didn’t hear clicking I heard clumsy movement….that continued. We had a midnight stranger, a Very Large Black Bear in front of our house going through our garbage can (it was garbage night). Mixed with nervous excitement I ran from my bedroom and told the hubby. Both of us anxious and curious quietly, stepped outside onto our porch and watched this hungry bear just 20 ft from our front door.

I started to feel sorry for him, he didn’t look aggressive, but he needed to go, we’ve got a lot of kids in this neighborhood. Hubby started telling he needed to go, this Big Brown Bear stood up, looked at hubby saying he didn’t want to go. But my guy doesn’t stand down easy, even to a bear, the hubby gave out a LOUD Roar!! The Bear looked at him not sure for a moment, then went down on his front paws and slowly walked away. I’d never seen a bear that wasn’t behind bars. It was kinda cool!.

This is a picture I found of a Colorado Bear. I didn’t think to get my camera out last night to get a picture of our Midnight Stranger.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

My little gypsy girl

My daughter 1987

The daughter 1987

It’s fun to look at the old Halloween pictures and remember what we were, way back when. My family loves HALLOWEEN! Some years we all dressed up and had fun, and we still love the idea of dressing up and pretending to be a favorite character, hero, or just something playful. This picture is of my daughter when she was six years old. The cutest thing in the world to me.

How To Mod Podge a Personalized Puzzle

How To Mod Podge a Personalized Puzzle

I’ve been enjoying puzzles lately, and thought making one for Christmas would be not only fun, but memorable with the family picture on it. This site an easy way to go about it.


Well, hello, hello,

I’ve had such a fun week. My kind of fun is processing peaches, this may be strange to some. But I LOVE  the fresh homemade foods. There’s such a BIG difference in the taste, the flavor, the nutrition. It’s just all good. We all made Peach leather, Peach jam, Peach puree, Peach juice. Then froze sliced peaches with the “Food Saver” for future use for pies, or anything really.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this with my daughter (again) and her family for years now. She helped me at home in Idaho for a little before me moved so far away. The daughter found a few easy things for the little ones to do – they wanted to help, isn’t that GREAT. Then there’s the ring master – My ol’ hubby, who’s actually pretty darn good in the kitchen, and with my hands and arms not obeying my will (with my M.S.) his help is greatly needed, he’s got the peaches down to a perfection – next are the APPLES!!!!  LOL

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