Mormon’s aka LDS are Christians

Sometimes it’s misunderstood that Mormon’s are not Christians. However Mormon’s are very much Christian.  The name of their church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also abbreviated LDS. The Mormon name came from a book called “The Book of Mormon”. This is a book of scriptures written by many ancient prophets who lived in the America’s and was abridged by the prophet-historian Mormon.  It was discovered by Joseph Smith Jr., who was guided to where these special plates were hidden in the Hill Cumorah, located in Manchester, New York. Eventually the plates were delivered to Joseph and with the help and power of God he translated these writings.  We are forever grateful for all that Joseph Smith did and the many sacrifices he made in uncovering these sacred records. Yet Mormon’s do NOT worship Joseph Smith Jr., also a misunderstanding. In no way does he take the place of Jesus Christ the Lord, he never will.  The Book of Mormon is a companion to the Holy Bible, they complement each other, they both testify of Jesus Christ. The Mormon’s follow Christ, he is their Savior and Exemplar.



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